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Online Vocabulary Training Application for Migrants
Online Vocabulary Builder is designed for self-motivated learners with a real need for the knowledge of a particular language. From our experience and belief, we know that language comprehension, the size and depth of the vocabulary, and conversational fluency only come with concentrated work. Even if you are immersed in the language environment with total exposure to the language you intend to master, you need to apply yourself persistently, focusing on the improvement of your vocabulary. In other words, if you want to know the language ...

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Temporary Humanitarian visa for Ukrainians in Australia fleeing Russia`s war on Ukraine
The Hon Alex Hawke MP, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Aff​airs announced that the Australian Government will make available a temporary humanitarian (subclass 786) visa to all Ukrainian temporary visa holders currently in Australia and those who arrive in the coming months. This visa will allow people to work and access Medicare and appropriate associated support services and will be valid for three years. School-aged children will also be able to continue their education. The Government will work ...

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Humanitarian visas will be available for Ukrainians forced to flee the Russian military invasion
The Morrison Government will expand its support to Ukraine and impose further punitive actions on Russia in response to its unrelenting and illegal aggression against Ukraine. These additional measures will help ensure Russia pays a high price for its blatant violation of the UN Charter and its disregard for international humanitarian law. Ukraine is showing remarkable courage and resilience as it endures Russia’s unprovoked war. Following discussions between the Prime Minister and the Minister for Defence and their Ukrainian counterparts, it is clear that Ukraine’s need ...

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Australia`s response to Russia`s agresson against Ukraine
On February 23, 2022 it was annonsed by the Prime Minister, Minster for Foreign Affairs that the Morrison Government is taking immediate action to sanction Russian individuals, organisations and banks as part of the international effort to impose a sharp cost on Russia for its unprovoked and unacceptable aggression against Ukraine. Under a first phase, we will impose travel bans and targeted financial sanctions on eight members of Russia’s Security Council. The Council bears responsibility for the current phase of the invasion by providing policy advice and justification ...

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On February 07, 2022, it was announced by the Prime Minister, Minister for Health and Aged Care, Minister for Home Affairs, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment that Australia will reopen to all fully vaccinated visa holders, welcoming the return of tourists, business travellers, and other visitors from 21 February.  These changes will ensure we protect the health of Australians, while we continue to secure our economic recovery. Australia’s health system has demonstrated its resilience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including though the recent Omicron ...

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TGA recognises Sputnik V, Russian Federation for international travel to Australia
Today, on 17 January 2022, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, TGA (the medicine and therapeutic regulatory agency of the Australian Government) determined that an additional COVID-19 vaccine, the two dose course of the Gamaleya Institute vaccine (Sputnik V, Russian Federation) would be 'recognised' for the purpose of establishing a traveller's vaccination status. Last week the TGA obtained additional information demonstrating this vaccine provides protection and potentially reduces the likelihood that an incoming traveller would transmit COVID-19 infection to others while in Australia or become acutely unwell due to COVID-19. ...

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Beware of fake websites that offer Australian citizenship forms
Today our office received a parcel containing exactly this type of application as described in this article. Understanding how the applicant will be upset, having realised that not only money but also time is lost, we would like to raise the awareness of our readers about this scam. Amrit* applied online for Australian citizenship in early December 2017, for both herself and for her husband. She called the Department of Home Affairs when she didn't hear back from them for a couple of weeks. ...

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Commencement of the five year subclass 870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa
On 1 March 2019, Minister Coleman announced that applications to sponsor a parent for a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa will be open from 17 April 2019.  Once a sponsorship application has been approved, a sponsored parent will be able to apply for a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa. Applications for the visa are intended to open from 1 July 2019 The visa provides parents with a new pathway to temporarily reunite with their children and grandchildren in Australia, while ensuring that taxpayers are not required to cover ...

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Efficiency of the Processing of Applications for Citizenship by Conferral
Report of Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) Published: 11 February 2019 Report number: 25 of 2018-2019 Portfolio: Home Affairs Entity: Department of Home Affairs Summary and recommendations Background 1. The concept of Australian citizenship has been enshrined in legislation since 1949. A person may become an Australian citizen automatically (generally persons born in Australia to one or more parents who are citizens or permanent residents) or by application. 2. Persons can apply for one of four types of citizenship ...

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