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We need to promote SA to students
International students form an important part of South Australian society. They come from all corners of the globe, adding significantly to the state's multicultural mix, inject millions into local businesses and industries and return to their homelands as ambassadors for our great state. Figures that show the number of international students studying in Adelaide has risen for the first time in three years is welcome news for a sector that has struggled with dwindling enrolments. It has also battled widespread negative publicity in recent years after attacks ...

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Industry leaders speak out about creating jobs in South Australia
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 A THRIVING nuclear industry, a once-in-a-century influx of skilled migrants and a mums-and-dads investment fund are among recommendations from some of South Australia's top business leaders to boost economic growth and create jobs. As The Advertiser launches a We're for Jobs in SA campaign that aims to build business and jobseeker confidence and drive employment growth in SA, seven leading business people have spoken ...

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Migrant intake plan to boost SA`s economy
A BOLD new plan to attract 12, 000 European migrants a year will revive the state's flagging economy and relieve pressure on its ageing population, the Property Council says.    The Council has released a targeted migration policy, focused on bringing young unemployed people from economically-ravaged European countries to South Australia. "At sub one per cent, our population growth rate is the lowest on the Australian mainland, " Property Council SA executive director Nathan Paine said. "This not only contributes to economic stagnation, but it also allows a ...

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Overseas students praise Adelaide as numbers swell
THE number of international students starting study in Adelaide has risen for the first time in three years - and a survey reveals they are loving the experience. Federal Government figures show 158 more overseas students have started at a South Australian education institution than at the same time last year. The survey found they feel safe, recommend studying in SA and would stay permanently if they could. Adelaidenow surveyed 150 international students and found 94 per cent of respondents said they either felt very safe ...

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Overseas students taking months to find a place to call home
ONE in five international students in Adelaide found it difficult to find appropriate accommodation and some spent months searching for lodging they considered suitable. In an Advertiser-Sunday Mail survey, 20 per cent of the 150 respondents said finding a place to live had proved problematic in their early days in South Australia. Asked how long it had taken to find a house or unit to meet their needs, a handful of respondents said the search had stretched on for two months, while others wrote of a shorter ...

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SA Property Council proposes low-interest home loans to attract unemployed skilled workers
UNEMPLOYED skilled workers in economically ravaged countries should be offered low-interest home loans and some relocation costs to attract them to South Australia, the Property Council says. In its State Budget submission, the council also wants the State Government to increase the conversion rate of international students to permanent residents and target skilled unemployed Europeans in countries in economic crisis. It also wants the introduction of a new visa to speed up the process of recognising the skills of new arrivals to help them find work sooner. ...

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Health sector needs 457 visas
5/4/ 2013
Immigration Department figures show the South Australian Government is the state's highest employer of 457 visa holders. Almost 20 per cent of the state's 1360 workers on 457 visas are employed in the public sector. The visas are available to overseas workers to address skills shortages, with holders restricted to working for their sponsor. Unions claim the visas are being exploited by employers to create a cheaper and more compliant workforce. The Federal Government wants to crackdown on ...

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Labour market outcomes for migrants
Migrants in Australia have very similar unemployment rates to the Australia-born as well as a relatively low rate compared to migrants in other countries. With an unemployment rate of just 5.2 per cent, Australia’s migrants have the second lowest rate of unemployment of all OECD countries after Israel. Recent migrants, with their younger and more educated profile, are the main contributing factor to Australia’s increased labour force participation rate. According to the department’s Continuous Survey of Australia’s Migrants, recently arrived skilled migrants have strong employment outcomes. At the ...

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Australia’s Migration Trends
Since September 2005 Net Overseas Migration (NOM) has overtaken natural increase as the main component of Australia’s population growth. For the year March 2011 to March 2012, NOM added 197 200 people to Australia’s population, or 59.5 per cent of total growth for that period. In 2011–12, the Migration Program delivered 184 998 places, 125 755 of these places went to Skill Stream migrants. The Family Stream outcome for 2011–12 was 58 604 places, a 7.4 per cent increase on the 2010–11 level of 54 543. ...

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