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South Australia heads to 50% renewables within a decade: Renew Economy
Already, one in five houses in South Australia has rooftop solar PV, and a new AEMO document predicts this could treble by 2022. With wind already supplying 27% of power, and new wind farms coming on, the state will likely have 50% of wind and solar within 10 years. The state of South Australia is emerging as one the leading regions in the world in the take-up of variable renewable energy sources such as wind energy and rooftop solar PV, and could be the first industrial economy to ...

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Nguyen quickly rising as one of Adelaide`s most common surnames
IN ADELAIDE, it seems the Nguyens are now fast catching up - rather than just keeping up - with the Joneses, the Williams and the Smiths. An analysis of the names in the soon to be released 2013-14 White Pages shows Nguyen is now the city's seventh most common surname, up from 10th in 2010 and 16th five years earlier. Ten years ago, the surname, used, according to some estimates, by 40 per cent of Vietnamese, didn't even rank in the top 40. University ...

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Adelaide described as a vibrant city in Lonely Planet guide
THE Lonely Planet guide once described Adelaide as painfully short on charisma; a pious, introspective space bogged down in old-school doldrums. Until now. The latest "Central Australia: Adelaide to Darwin Travel Guid e" publication states that although the city's stuffy, affluent origins did more to inhibit development than promote it, things have changed in Adelaide. In its most recent review, the acclaimed travel guide says the city has its guard down and its boardshorts up. The guide's sixth edition portrays a multicultural, flavour-infused CBD ...

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Adelaide home prices sluggish
Australian capital city home prices have risen more than five per cent in the past year, with the Sydney and Perth property markets leading the charge. Home prices across the eight state and territory capitals rose 5.3 per cent in the 12 months to August, according to the closely-watched RP Data-Rismark Home Value Index. Perth experienced the biggest increase during the year, with home prices up more than nine per cent, while Sydney’s were up seven per cent. Adelaide failed to keep pace with ...

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Liberal candidate for Adelaide Carmen Garcia campaigning at a child care centre in Prospect
Refugee advocate and Liberal candidate for Adelaide Carmen Garcia has criticised Kevin Rudd’s Papua New Guinea asylum seeker resettlement policy – which her party supports – saying Australia is dodging its responsibility on asylum seekers. Asked yesterday whether she supported mandatory resettlement in PNG for asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat and are found to be genuine refugees, Garcia said “I think it’s handballing our responsibilities.” “I think it’s really unfair that a country like PNG that has its own social development ...

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Majority of new jobs go to migrants
Fairfax Media analysis of the Bureau of Statistics jobs data reveals that, comparing the six months to April with the same months two years earlier, Australia gained just 131, 000 full-time jobs - one new full-time job for every five new people. But, in net terms, people born overseas gained 97, 000 more full-time jobs, while Australian-born people gained only 34, 000. The economy created only one new full-time job for every 10 more Australian-born people aged 15 and over. The figures raise doubts ...

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`God loves boat people`: Churches take a stand
2/9/2013 | 14:32
One Sydney church has helped to rehouse more than 90 asylum seekers dumped in an inner-city hotel the day after leaving Curtin Immigration Detention Centre. They arrived with the singlets on their backs and $85 to last them two weeks in a cramped room with no cooking facilities. Reverend Andrew Bruce, the minister of St Peters Anglican Church, says Australia's asylum seeker policy is ''heartless, unacceptable . . . a complete shambles''. He was halfway through a sermon on Good Friday when 45 ...

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English to benefit migrants
TAFE SA English Language Services hopes to organise classes in Bordertown to be held at the local TAFE campus off of Naracoorte Road. Of course, to be feasible, at least 24 people need to show interest in the classes which would be run as part of the Adult Migrant English Program according to program coordinator Ms Sarah Dumuid. “At the moment we have about 12 people interested, but we really need at least double that number, especially because we would be setting up a brand new ...

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What makes multiculturalism great is mutual respect
I've seen people, wearing the national dress of their homeland, clasping an Australian flag and welling-up with tears as they promise to uphold and obey Australian values and laws.They serve as a reminder of what I term ''the genius of Australian multiculturalism''. It is presently fashionable to declare multiculturalism dead or to blame it for crime and terrorism. Germany's  Chancellor, Angela Merkel, recently declared multiculturalism in her country had ''utterly failed''. To some, multiculturalism is simply a diverse population, and a non-discriminatory immigration policy. These are  ...

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