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China agreement strengthens tourism ties
Tourism Minister Leon Bignell has signed an agreement in Shanghai with UnionPay International – a subsidiary of one of the largest global bankcard schemes – to make it easier for Chinese tourists to travel and shop in South Australia. UnionPay cards have one of the fastest-growing and most widely-recognised networks in the world, with 3.5 billion card-holders worldwide. Minister Bignell said the Memorandum of Understanding between the South Australian Government and UnionPay International will create benefits for both parties. “Increasing numbers of Chinese visitors ...

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Top 100 ideas to grow South Australia. Part 1
SOUTH Australia should embrace a nuclear future to help prop up the state's stagnating economy. The vision for a nuclear future for SA was one of the many ideas thrown up by 50 of the state's finest minds when asked by The Advertiser 'What reform or change is urgently needed to grow the state economy and jobs'. Other ideas thrown up by the 50 participants focused on lower taxes, help for small business, becoming more advanced technologically and ending of support for industries that could no ...

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Top 100 ideas to grow South Australia. Part 2
PART 2 - Top 100 ideas to grow South Australia 1. "Create a trade development zone where we reduce tax and create incentive for employment. An industrial techno park - our own Silicon Valley." Michael Angelakis Managing Director Angelakis Brothers 2. "Tax reform on small to middle sized businesses and the wine sector in general. General incentives to get business going to everyday people. Too much red tape and OH&S." Grant Burge Wine maker 3. "We need to ...

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Attracting Migrants to South Australia
South Australia experiences some difficulties in attracting and keeping here skilled migrants. The migrants arrive and leave the State struggling to find suitable employment here.  I always think the green and clean South Australian is our unique selling point. We should promote more on this, along with the kindness of people here and the wonderful life style in SA. Government should not be involved in business or introduce business migrates to a specific industry. However, Immigration SA could use industrial associations to announce what kind of ...

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Here`s A Huge Potential Benefit To Australia`s Economy From Migrants That No-One Talks About
A research note from ANZ on Australian demographics combs through the details of some familiar themes around the structural shifts in the workforce as Australia’s population gets older. But the section on immigration underlines how critical migration settings are to future growth, the continuing improvement of living standards, and the government’s ability to invest in education, health and infrastructure. The report by Dylan Eades, Paul Braddick, and chief economist Ivan Colhoun also canvasses a more complex layer to the potential productivity and growth upside that can ...

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We need to promote SA to students
International students form an important part of South Australian society. They come from all corners of the globe, adding significantly to the state's multicultural mix, inject millions into local businesses and industries and return to their homelands as ambassadors for our great state. Figures that show the number of international students studying in Adelaide has risen for the first time in three years is welcome news for a sector that has struggled with dwindling enrolments. It has also battled widespread negative publicity in recent years after attacks ...

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Industry leaders speak out about creating jobs in South Australia
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 A THRIVING nuclear industry, a once-in-a-century influx of skilled migrants and a mums-and-dads investment fund are among recommendations from some of South Australia's top business leaders to boost economic growth and create jobs. As The Advertiser launches a We're for Jobs in SA campaign that aims to build business and jobseeker confidence and drive employment growth in SA, seven leading business people have spoken ...

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Migrant intake plan to boost SA`s economy
A BOLD new plan to attract 12, 000 European migrants a year will revive the state's flagging economy and relieve pressure on its ageing population, the Property Council says.    The Council has released a targeted migration policy, focused on bringing young unemployed people from economically-ravaged European countries to South Australia. "At sub one per cent, our population growth rate is the lowest on the Australian mainland, " Property Council SA executive director Nathan Paine said. "This not only contributes to economic stagnation, but it also allows a ...

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Overseas students praise Adelaide as numbers swell
THE number of international students starting study in Adelaide has risen for the first time in three years - and a survey reveals they are loving the experience. Federal Government figures show 158 more overseas students have started at a South Australian education institution than at the same time last year. The survey found they feel safe, recommend studying in SA and would stay permanently if they could. Adelaidenow surveyed 150 international students and found 94 per cent of respondents said they either felt very safe ...

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