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Australia to introduce new visa to support innovation in South Australia
Tech visa pilot for Adelaide  Those entrepreneurs who are successful in establishing their business venture in Australia would also become eligible for permanent residence. "The Turnbull Government is focussed on increasing job opportunities and standards of living for Australians, and we are doing this by fostering business growth and investment in Australia, " Mr Dutton said. "Encouraging seed-stage entrepreneurs to take forward innovative ideas in Australia will assist in growing the jobs of the future". The catch is that Mr Dutton’s commitment on ...

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More than 64,000 people overstaying visas in Australia
Tom McIlroy  JULY 19 2017 More than 64, 000 people are in Australia illegally after overstaying work and tourist visas, with the federal government estimating as many as 12, 000 have been here for more than 20 years. New figures from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection show temporary visitor visas are the mostly likely to be abused in Australia, while Malaysian nationals made up the largest group of unlawful non-citizens in the country last financial year. There ...

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Malcolm Turnbull announces Home Affairs super-ministry run by Peter Dutton
By political correspondent Louise Yaxley Updated Tue at 12:40pm A new federal super-ministry of Home Affairs will be set up including the Australian Federal Police, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, and the Australian Border Force Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced it will be headed by the current Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. It is a dramatic reorganisation of the ministry, stripping ASIO from Attorney-General George Brandis. Mr Turnbull has said it is the most "significant reform of Australia's national intelligence and domestic security arrangements and their ...

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Australia ranked among world`s best countries to be an immigrant
Australia ranked among world's best countries to be an immigrant Yahoo7 News on July 12, 2017, 12:35 pm. Australia is ranked in the top four countries to be an immigrant, according to a new global study. The nation polled highly in measures such as economic stability, income equality and job markets, which were used to create the list complied by ranking company US News and World Report. Sweden, a strong social welfare state that has long been considered a haven for migrants, ...

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New temporary visa for parents
The Government will introduce a new temporary sponsored parent visa from November 2017, with 15, 000 visas to be made available annually... By Mosiqi Acharya  9 MAY 2017 - 8:50 PM  UPDATED YESTERDAY 8:50 PM The Government today in Budget 2017-18 announced the new temporary sponsored parent visa will be available from November 2017. 15, 000 visas will be made available annually. The temporary sponsored parent visa will allow parents of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and ...

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`Australian workers must have priority`: Turnbull scraps 457 visa program
Source: SBS News, AAP 18 Apr 2017 - 2:32 PM  UPDATED 18 Apr 2017 - 7:42 PM The federal government says it will abolish the 457 visa program that allows skilled foreigners to work in Australia. Malcolm Turnbull has announced he is abolishing the 457 visa program for skilled migrants. The prime minister said Australia was a successful multicultural "immigration nation" but it was time to put Australians first. "The fact remains Australian workers must have priority for Australian jobs, " he said in a ...

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Australian citizenship law changes mean migrants will face tougher tests
By political reporters Stephen Dziedzic and Henry Belot ABC News The Federal Government has announced sweeping changes to the nation's citizenship laws, with the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declaring that new arrivals must prize "Australian values" and prove their commitment to the nation. Key points:     Migrants with a history of family violence, organised crime could be banned     English language test will contain more components     Permanent residents' eligibility for citizenship application will increase to four years Migrants will face a tougher citizenship ...

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Australian tolerance abused by excessive immigration
23/12/2013 | 15:13
Australian tolerance is being abused by excessive immigration by John Marlowe - published on Thu, 2010-08-05  Australians are a tolerant mix of people, perhaps no more so than indigenous Australians who have put up with wave after wave of immigrants. The term 'racist' is an ugly slur readily being used by anyone who seeks to put down criticism for the negatives of successive government immigration policy. To be racist is to be prejudiced against a specific racial group or multiple racial groups. Australia is such ...

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The things I love (and hate) about my new home town, Adelaide
20/12/2013 | 16:1
 By Stan Denham  Sunday Mail (SA)  October 26, 2013 3:00PM BEFORE I came to Adelaide in 2012, I'd lived in three other magic cities and one was the love of my life. Yes, Sydney was the bold, brash, mature and self-assured party girl - sparkling, good-looking in all her moods, and totally comfortable with her place in the world. But like any relationship that burns too brightly, it fizzled out in half the time and I can pinpoint that moment. It was when ...

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