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Migration Centre of South Australia

South Australia’s Strategic Plan

The State Government has developed seven priorities for South Australia’s future.

These priorities are about:

  • Creating a vibrant city
  • Safe communities, healthy neighbourhoods
  • An affordable place to live
  • Every chance for every child
  • Grow advanced manufacturing
  • Realising the benefits of the mining boom for all
  • Premium food and wine from our clean environment

These priorities are areas where we can make the most difference to the lives of everyday working people and the most difference to the future prosperity of our State.

These priorities recognise that South Australia works best when we have strong government working with strong business and a strong community behind us.

This Plan guides individuals, community organisations, governments and businesses to secure the wellbeing of all South Australians. South Australia's Strategic Plan contains our community’s visions and goals; its 100 measurable targets reflect our priorities. The Plan identifies priorities for South Australia. These are our pillars for success.

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