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CBD wi-fi plan for Adelaide
IF you've lived in Adelaide long enough you know that poking fun at our city and state is something of a sport for eastern states types. They like to point and laugh at how we're "boring" or "backward", or whatever other negative term they can come up with to make themselves feel better about the fact that our food, wine and lifestyle generally are far better than their own. The "nothing ever happens in Adelaide" gag is a cheap attempt at laughs pulled out by lazy ...

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Nearly 35 million migrants are under 20
INTERNATIONAL migration is becoming a key issue in the lives of young people with the latest preliminary data revealing that nearly 35 million migrants are under the age of 20. UNICEF Deputy Director Christian Salazar said on Monday the data collected by the United Nations children's agency and the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs showed that 62 per cent of the young people are living in developing countries. "Whether alone or with their families, adolescents and youth are increasingly migrating in search of employment, ...

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Making South Australia a unique destination for potential migrants
Making South Australia a unique destination for potential migrants is a very difficult task, given South Australia's current economic situation. However,   people factor should not be overlooked.  It is well known (Massey et al., 1993, 1998) that migrant networks shape much migration. Potential migrants are more likely to come and settle in a place  where they already have some form of acquaintances, friends and family.  It is suggested that Immigration SA provides state sponsorship for 489 subclass visa to the potential migrants in case they ...

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Why are annual visa numbers for partners and children limited? Is this what Parliament wanted?
I am writing this piece because I believe the setting of annual numbers for partner and child visa categories contravenes the intention of the Parliament. The Parliament of Australia in the Migration Act (sections 85 to 87) gives authority to the Minister of Immigration to limit visa numbers by capping. Section 87 specifically excludes partners and children from that authority.  I conclude that Parliament intended that the Minister and Government of the day should not limit partner and child visas by numbers. It seems that the ...

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South Australia – a state in denial
In Peter Weir’s classic film The Truman Show, Jim Carrey accidentally bumps into the hard edge of the show’s enormous set while sailing a small boat. The shocking-but-funny incident confirms Truman’s suspicions that the world in which he lives is fake (it’s a TV show) and he makes ever-more desperate attempts to break free, before eventually succeeding. There was something of Jim Carrey’s poignant collision with reality for us South Australians in April with the release of a national snap-shot of state economies. In ...

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Google’s window on SA attitudes to asylum seekers
14/8/2013 | 12:44
Asylum seekers are a major issue for South Australia’s voters, despite being off the local political agenda almost entirely, according to new data released by Google. Search engine data indicates South Australians searched for “asylum seekers” more than any other state on a per-search basis in the past 12 months. SA searchers used the term ‘refugee’ – as opposed to ‘boat people’ and ‘illegal immigrant’ – significantly more often in their search terms than other states. According to the Google data West Australian searchers ...

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Hello goodbye: skilled migrants leave SA
Around two thirds of skilled migrants are leaving South Australia within a couple of years of arriving, while  refugees and humanitarian entrants are much more likely to stay here, a parliamentary inquiry has been told. Despite targeted programs to bring skilled workers to the state, South Australia experienced a net loss, through  internal migration, of around 1100 migrants over the 2006-2011 period. “This was second only to New South Wales which is a much larger recipient of migrants, ” State Parliament’s Social  Development Committee’s ...

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SA unions want temporary visas scrapped
South Australia’s peak union group will lobby for the full abolition of the Federal Government’s temporary visa program, including controversial 457 visas. The demand is contained within SA Unions’ official election policy, released yesterday. The policy will form the backbone of campaigns at the upcoming state and federal elections. The policy calls on the unions to fight for “the abolition of the temporary visa system as a poor solution to labour and skill shortages in favour of genuine and fair immigration programs”. SA Unions’ ...

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South Australia`s regions come alive with festivals and events
South Australia’s regions will spring to life over the coming months with a diverse range of festivals and events on offer to entice South Australians and interstate visitors to our regional wonderlands. Tourism Minister Leon Bignell said the 24 regional events supported by the Government will draw thousands of visitors to South Australia’s regions and help to boost local economies. Announcing the successful applicants of the 2013/14 Regional Events and Festivals Program, Mr Bignell encouraged South Australians to explore the food, art, wine and culture on ...

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