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Banning gay marriage impacts on skilled migration
In reality, the anti-gay policy that triggered this outcome needed fundamental reform and it should never have to be the case that private arrangements with a minister are required to circumvent official homophobia. Besides, few people have that access. The problem for Australia in 2013 is that little has changed in the last eight years. If anything the international momentum for same-sex marriage has made it worse. The Australian government doesn't simply ban equal marriage in this country it refuses to recognise gay and lesbian couples ...

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The vast majority of new migrants settle in metropolitan Adelaide, and the bulk of migration is into two corridors of northern and southern Adelaide. The City of Port Adelaide-Enfield (7, 035) – Along with Salisbury, this area took the largest share of migrants into SA. By far the largest number was from India (1, 750 – 24.9%), followed by China (780), Afghanistan (670) and the Philippines (490). Unfortunately this highly diverse area doesn’t have profile.id so details of the existing makeup of the population are not available. ...

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Nowhere Else a steal for tourists
Elliston District Council CEO Mary Deakin said it had become an expensive problem for the council on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. "People sort of look at it and say 'Oh that'd be good to have hanging in the shed or up above the bar' or something like that, so they acquire it, " she said. "Over time it does become quite expensive." Contrary to the name on the sign, the dirt road actually leads somewhere. The road branches off the Flinders ...

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40 ways to know you`re from rural SA
Here's 40 ways to know you're a country South Australian: 1. Invites still say ''ladies bring a plate'' and no-one takes offence 2. A handshake can cause a blood clot 3. Your lovely next-door neighbour still makes chutney in old jars 4. You actually know the name of that lovely next door neighbour 5. When you're passing traffic, you raise a finger (and it's not the middle one) 6. ABC radio is always ...

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Thirty ways you know you`re a South Australian
You know you're a South Aussie when ... 1. You know what bung fritz is. 2. The first question you ask someone you just met is, 'what school did you go to?' 3. You say " heaps good " and people don't look at you strangely. 4. You've prank-called Bob Francis. 5. You used to go on dates to Skyshow . 6. You've nearly been killed at the Britannia Roundabout. ...

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Research project helping cuttlefish
11/9/2013 | 13:23
A suite of research projects are helping to shed light on the reasons for and ways to combat the Giant Australian Cuttlefish population’s decline in the northern Spencer Gulf. Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Gail Gago said a recently commenced study is investigating the potential impacts of noise and turbidity from shipping traffic on the animal. “The University of Adelaide has received funding of $150, 000 from the Australian government’s Sustainable Regional Development program for the study, ” Ms Gago said. ...

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Mining urges new government on deep sea port
11/9/2013 | 13:4
South Australia’s mining industry has called on the new Coalition Government to push ahead with its promised exploration development incentive. The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) wasted no time in giving Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott a few suggestions to boost the industry. “The exploration sector is the engine room of our resources sector, and an exploration tax credit scheme is vital in encouraging investment as it allows investors an immediate return on their investment, ” SACOME’s chief executive Jason ...

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Coalition commits to new Colombo plan, sending 300 students overseas
11/9/2013 | 12:49
TONY Abbott has recommitted the Coalition to implementing a new Colombo plan to provide financial support to allow up to 300 young Australians to study in the Asia-Pacific region. The $100m five-year plan, modelled on the original Colombo plan which between the 1950s and the 1980s assisted 40, 000 people from the region to study in Australia. SID MAHER From: The Australian August 30, 2013

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Adelaide CBD beer garden plan for $10m hotel in historic Electra House on King William St
11/9/2013 | 12:34
A PRIME piece of King William St real estate just north of the Adelaide GPO is set to become a beer garden. Developer Aspen Group has applied to the Development Assessment Commission to add a beer garden for 115 people to its approved plans for a $10 million revamp of historic Electra House into a hotel with dining, function and gaming rooms. The walls and pillars around the partially roofed garden would be a mix of recycled brick and timber cladding. ...

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