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Jobs and Holden are newly-elected Labor Makin MP Tony Zappia`s top priorities


11/9/2013 12:24

SECURING Holden's future and boosting jobs within SA's defence sector are top priorities for re-elected Makin MP Tony Zappia.

"It's in this part of the state that people depend so much on the defence sector and Holden, so my priority is ensuring those two sectors have a future in South Australia, " Mr Zappia said.

"They mean so much to Adelaide and so much to people in the northeast, so securing the long-term future of Holden and the defence sector more broadly is very important."

The Labor MP won the seat for the third time, despite a 6.6 per cent swing to Liberal candidate Sue Lawrie, reducing his margin to 5.4 per cent.

He admitted the job would be harder to do with a Liberal Government in power.

"Of course not being in government makes it more difficult, particularly when the Coalition flagged that they would be making some major cuts to automotive assistance, which is of real concern.

"I will continue on with the issues that I think matter to the people of Makin and those are the same issues I believe matter to all Australians, including ensuring the security of education funding, improving the health system even more and most importantly ensuring that people have jobs."

Prior to the election, Mr Zappia also highlighted the importance of securing federal funding to assist Tea Tree Gully Council with the cost of running its HIVE 12-25 youth centre.

He said he would now set up a meeting with Gully councillors to develop an action plan.

"I've already had a discussion with the chief executive Di Rogowski, but I want to understand what their strategy is and to work with them to ensure that HIVE has a youth focus that continues into the future, " he said.

Mr Zappia first ran for the seat of Makin in 2004 and achieved a swing of 2.7 per cent, but was defeated by the Liberal Party's Trish Draper.

He prevailed at the 2007 election with an 8.6 per cent swing - the largest to Labor in Adelaide - and increased his margin further in 2010.

A mayor of the City of Salisbury for 10 years, Mr Zappia has also won 10 national powerlifting championships.



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