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Making South Australia a unique destination for potential migrants



Making South Australia a unique destination for potential migrants is a very difficult task, given South Australia's current economic situation. However,  
people factor should not be overlooked. 

It is well known (Massey et al., 1993, 1998) that migrant networks shape much migration. Potential migrants are more likely to come and settle in a place
 where they already have some form of acquaintances, friends and family. 

It is suggested that Immigration SA provides state sponsorship for 489 subclass visa to the potential migrants in case they have been assessed by the relevant skills assessing authority, have met all the threshold requirements for the state nomination including the minimum English Language requirements and any other additional requirements as detailed by Immigration SA and their occupation 
being on the SNOL (and it might even be Subject to Special Conditions) and they also have a 'co-sponsoring' family/relative permanently living in SA for more than 2 years. 

By being sponsored by the state of SA, potential migrants will not only get additional point test points and DIAC priority processing opportunity, but 
a benefit of non-government funded assistance through relatives, possibly fixed for the term of two years from the moment of their arrival to the state. 

This will mean that potential migrants moving to South Australia are practically guaranteed to get a lot of support, assistance, advice and information in getting
 a job, obtaining housing, and settling in the state for good. 

It is important to note, that the requirement of a 'co-sponsoring' family/relative permanently living in SA for a certain period of time might bring a new wave of people coming to settle in the region. It would not be unrealistic to imagine, that many families would like move to SA from the interstate knowing that the state will sponsor their relatives to come to live to Australia with them. 

This arrangement might benefit our state and bring more skilled and knowledgeable people to South Australia, that might in turn bring their businesses to the state and create new working places and boost the state economy in some way. 

It means that migration to South Australia will continue to some extent regardless of the economic situation in the state and that South Australia will have a unique 'feature' providing a pathway to the permanent residency subject to satisfying of two years of living in the state and one year of full-time employment requirements. 

By Anna Morozov, Migration Agent


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