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Top 100 ideas to grow South Australia. Part 2



PART 2 - Top 100 ideas to grow South Australia

1. "Create a trade development zone where we reduce tax and create incentive for employment. An industrial techno park - our own Silicon Valley."

Michael Angelakis
Managing Director Angelakis Brothers

2. "Tax reform on small to middle sized businesses and the wine sector in general. General incentives to get business going to everyday people. Too much red tape and OH&S."

Grant Burge
Wine maker

3. "We need to have more confidence in ourselves. Each and every one of us needs to lift the bar, build on our network and have confidence in ourselves and each other."

Maggie Beer
Celebrity chef, Barossa Valley

4. "The power of positive thinking. Let's think around the problems and create the niche we will flourish in. Also, stop with the 'SA is too conservative for that'. We're not."

Saskia Beer
Chef, owner Barossa Farm Produce

5. "Image of South Australia is confusing - mining, defence, festivals? It is the Wine State exporting 500million bottles globally, consumed by 2 billion."

Wolf Blass

6. "More investment in the arts. Promote regional tourism. Investment beyond Gepps Cross, the Toll Gate and Darlington. Adelaide ain't a city state."

Peter Goers

Sunday Mail columnist and 891 ABC Adelaide evening host.

7. "Make it easier to grow and produce premium, artistan food without red tape, encourage hiring of youth through payroll tax relief."

Richard Gunner
Grazier, award-winning butcher

8. "They should bring back the fringe benefits tax and abolish payroll tax. You shouldn't get taxed to employ more people."

Simon Kardachi
Owner Press Food and Wine, Melt

9. "We have a lot of gifted people but we don't believe in ourselves enough. We always look to others for a decision. And we need to give a few pollies a hot chilli enaema."

Dorinda Hafner
Cook, author

10. "A reduction in employment expenses: tax, workcover etc - cut the amount of red tape and find ways to reduce utility costs. Focus energy on a strong industry strategic plan and sort out which Government is responsible for what."

Kris Lloyd

Woodside Cheesewrights

11. "Reduce retail penalty rates. We can't afford to operate on Sundays even though our staff are willing. Globally, create nation-leading incentives for entrepreneurs to set up shop in Adelaide and work to keep creative people here."

Rob Dean
Burger Theory owner

12. "Greater focus on the youth of SA to stay here and test the boundaries, via government grants and incentives to encourage entrepreneurs and small business operators."

Stuart Duckworth
Little Miss Mexico

13. "Tax reform and population growth will enable business to prosper and Adelaide to be vibrant."

Joshua Baker
Owner Coffee Branch, Clever Little Tailor bar

14. "An iconic world-class concert hall; making SA a leading cultural destination, enabling the ASO to gain greater global recognition, creating employment opportunities."

Arvo Volmer
Music Director and Chief Conductor Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

15. "A visionary approach is needed in the Arts, eg establish 'The Contemporary' an international centre for artists, writers, dancers, musicians, for residencies and performances funded by seven foreign governments and the Australian Government."

Paul Greenaway
Greenaway Art Gallery

16. "Give every car worker a million dollars to walk away and start up their own business. More productive than the subsidy billions."

Peter Goldsworthy
Author, poet, playwright, general practitioner.

17. "Bring the space industry back to SA. Innovation, jobs, investment, future-all in one wonderful package."

Sean Williams
Award-winning author of speculative fiction

18. "Longer opening hours. Revitalise public spaces. Get into silicon."

Brian Castro
Shortlisted for the Miles Franklin award, author of 10 novels and Chair of Creative Writing, University of Adelaide

19. "A law bringing all rents down by a third. This would put billions back into the state economy."

Bob Ellis

Author, screenwriter, speechwriter to former Premier Mike Rann.

20. "Consumers are being fooled into thinking convenience or budget is better....it is not.

We need to promote confidence and pride in our state, that investment and quality are important.

Liza Emanuele
Fashion designer

21. "An importance should be placed on helping maintain manufacturing in South Australia instead of outsourcing overseas. We should be encouraging local designers, pattern makers and machinists to work together."

Paul Vasileff
Designer, Paolo Sebastian

22. "Encourage and support entrepreneurs with business skills, raising money, incubators, partners and cash flow"

Dean Flintoft
Managing director of Australian Fashion Labels

23. More good company, times and music will create productivity by letting people once more feel like people.

Richard Tonkin
Owner/Manager, The Governor Hindmarsh

24. "Put an end to payroll tax. For a government to penalise businesses for creating jobs is a toxic message and flawed policy at its finest."

Toby Bensimon
Managing Director, Shiels Jewellers

25. "I believe reducing Stamp Duty and Land Tax on real estate would increase investment here, rather than people investing interstate where there are less expenses."

Annette Coleman
Founder and head designer, Gate Unqiues

26. "We must grow our population. Target the best minds in healthcare, education and medical research. Create compelling opportunities for our youth."

Sharyn Mitten
Chief Executive Officer, St John Ambulance SA

27. "To increase visitor numbers and generate greater tourism dollars for the state, more funds should be available to bid for national and international conferencing."

James Allen
General Manager, InterContinental Adelaide

28. "The planning approval process needs to be simplified and right of appeal to council approvals fast-tracked or eradicated. Land tax (in development phase) and payroll tax are also onerous".

Ian Tregoning
Director of Living Choice

29. "Cut taxes at all levels and get our biggest employers - small business - moving with investment incentives like depreciation allowances."

Randal Tomich
Tomich Wines Principal Wine Maker

30. "A reformed view on GST and Stamp Duties for new home buyers is required to support the housing industry rather than tax this productive area of our economy."

Mark Devine
General Manager, Devine SA

31. "We would like to see greater investment in workforce training to meet the growing demands of the disability sector. In particular to meet the individual meeds of South Australians Living with disabilities"

Nicole Graham

CEO, Spastic Centres of South Australia

32. "Investment in social infrastructure projects that creates opportunity for South Australians with varying abilities, will enhance workforce participation and improve productivity."

Glenn Rappensberg
Chief Executive, Novita Children's Services

33. "SA could far better understand cultural and Eco tourism. Exploit the existing opportunities and expand this growing industry through exiting networks."

Leigh Warren
Artistic Director, Leigh Warren and Dancers

34. "To grow the state economy and jobs we need to reclaim the mantle of a serious cultural destination by investing in the cultural sector to bring vibrancy to the state."

Nick Mitzevich
Director, Art Gallery of South Australia

35. "People and businesses need to learn to stop being penny wise, pound foolish. Spend better and locally; not default to the cheapest option."

Nathan Adams
Graphic designer at studio Sector7G

36. A Government-sponsored partnership program to develop new brands/products by South Australian designers in collaboration with local factories and workshops.

Shane Haddy
Art toy designer 2012 Arts SA Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi-Japan Travel Fund grant recipient

37. "Bring in 'crowd-funded urbanism' as an alternative source of revenue for growth in SA's built environment. It divides building projects into low-cost shares, turning say a multi-storey building into a consumable product and giving people the opportunity to influence the development of their city."

David Bickmore

Recipient of the Jack Hobbs McConnell Travelling Fellowship to explore how iconic architecture and urban design can create a unique identity for SA.

38. "Let's all get behind small businesses - support the 'little guys' and buy local."

Stephanie Morton
Track cyclist - Paralympic gold medallist, three times Australian champion

39. "Like so many other successful cities, brand our natural assets - climate, food, arts, culture, landscape, innovation. Create environments people want to be in."

James Hayter
Director Oxigen Landscape Architects + Urban Designers

40. "Too much red tape, too complex when life in SA could be the simplest in the world rather than this complex."

Anthony Toop
Owner Toop &Toop Real Estate

41. "The state must embark on a genuine program to reduce Red tape generally but specifically in regard to the very many state regulations that make new construction more difficult, expensive and time consuming with no community benefit".

Robert Harding
Director Housing Industry Association HIA

42. "We need to stimulate significant population growth to create a profound change to our entire economy, thus creating a new level of vibrancy that will in turn generate economic confidence." Paul Pruszinski, Pruszinski architects.

43. "Go for broke on old RAH site with a Guggenheim museum and iconic concert hall, and a stylish 'arty' hotel".

Chris Rann
Rann Communications

44. "I would encourage unions, business big and small, and all sides of politics to consider a hard-headed forum to discuss the big issues that threaten our future economic wellbeing. A forum will be seen by some as naïve; I don't believe SA has the luxury not to try it".

Tony Davison
General Manager, Channel Seven Adelaide

45. "Revive international student numbers by streamlining visas and capitalising on the falling dollar. Promote Adelaide as cheaper, safer and better".

Fiona Godfrey
Principal, St Peter's Girls' School

46. "We have to find the political will and courage to provide meaningful tax relief and vastly reduced regulation as an immediate investment in small to medium business."

Melvin Mansell

News Corporation Editorial Director SA, WA &NT

47. Population growth for sustainable prosperity driven by jobs if we concentrate on education, food and resources

Ish Davies
News Corporation Regional Director SA

48. "I think promote South Australian Arts more interstate. It can be the home of arts again like it was in the Dunstan years. No one else is doing this in Australia."

David Campbell, musician

49. "Get the Food and Wine and Arts Festival people to help each become even more successful and thereby boom tourism

Kate Ceberano
Artistic Director Cabaret Festival

50. "Provide greater support to the renewable energy sector to help foster SA-based technology for global markets."

Richard Turner
CEO of ZEN Energy Systems.



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