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Attracting Migrants to South Australia



South Australia experiences some difficulties in attracting and keeping here skilled migrants. The migrants arrive and leave the State struggling to find suitable employment here. 

I always think the green and clean South Australian is our unique selling point. We should promote more on this, along with the kindness of people here and the wonderful life style in SA.

Government should not be involved in business or introduce business migrates to a specific industry. However, Immigration SA could use industrial associations to announce what kind of business is welcomed in SA, and can be very successful. For example: winery, food productions, dairy products, etc.

The government of SA could think of an incentive program to those, for example, who want to buy a big block of farm land and produce food products and export them from SA. Policies like tax deductions for the first year, etc. maybe a good idea.

If we can attract business migrants to invest in these sections, the newly established companies should need more skilled migrants to work for them. As the business owners are new migrants, I think they would not mind to employ new skilled migrants, hence solves the problem of new migrants – difficulties in finding a job.

Immigration SA should increase the intake of 489 visa applications. The pass way of 489 to 887 PR is 1 year full time job + 2 years living in SA. If there are job opportunities in rural area, they have no reason to reject. Normally, after 2 years living in SA, with family settled down, kids goes to local schools, a secure job in food industry they may not think of move to other states even after obtain 887 visa.

I don't think skilled migrants working at unrelated job are a very big problem. It is somewhat unfair to their qualifications; however, in a new country life is always tougher. What Australia gains from these skilled migrants are their children, who will inherit the wisdom from their parents and adapt into the Aussie society and contribute to the community.  In another word, we are importing smart brains for the long run!

I hope the respective government departments can listen to our recommendations and eventually attract more migrants come to South Australia.

Hope we have a more prosperous SA in the years to come!

By James Tan, Migration Consultant  


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