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We need to promote SA to students



International students form an important part of South Australian society.

They come from all corners of the globe, adding significantly to the state's multicultural mix, inject millions into local businesses and industries and return to their homelands as ambassadors for our great state.

Figures that show the number of international students studying in Adelaide has risen for the first time in three years is welcome news for a sector that has struggled with dwindling enrolments.

It has also battled widespread negative publicity in recent years after attacks on international students, particularly those carried out against Indian students in Sydney and Melbourne in 2009.

The rise may be small - there has been an increase of 158 students in the four months to April compared with the same time last year - but highlights what our leaders have known for years.

South Australia is a great place to live and study.

The Advertiser-Sunday Mail survey of 150 international university students studying here further supports this.

It found that living and studying in SA provides students with a largely positive experience.

Most said they would continue living here if given the opportunity and would recommend studying here to family and friends back home.

The majority had not experienced racism or violence during their stint in Adelaide.

Experts say factors such as a drop in the high Australian dollar and changes to visa application processes have helped lure overseas students back to our shores.

But it is up to those in power - the Government, educators and business leaders - to continue to promote the virtues of SA.

In an increasingly competitive market, they need to make our state a destination not only worth visiting but worth living and studying in, and ensure this message is promoted in the best way possible.

It is only then that the crucial benefits of the international student market - not just the economic and financial advantages but also the cultural diversity the students bring - will continue to flow.

Sourced from Adelaide Now


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