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Immigration visit Victor Harbor noodle bar



Immigration Compliance officers visited Noodle Bento on Tuesday, July 9 and found three unlawful non-citizens working on the premises.

Noodle Bento is located at Victor Central on Torrens Street, Victor Harbor.

The three Malaysian nationals were detained by immigration, as their working visas had expired and will be removed from Australia, according to an Immigration spokesperson.

Immigration officers contacted the owner regarding the breach and the business was forced to close for the day."The future of the business is not an issue for Immigration, " the spokesperson said.

"The department can issue infringement notices or civil penalties to businesses that employ or refer or contact non-citizens if they do not have a valid visa for work.

"The employer must check the eligibility of a worker and this can be done by visiting the website www.immi.gov.au/vevo and other information can be obtained on illegal workers by visiting www.immi.gov.au/illegalworkers

"Anybody with information on visa overstayers are encouraged to use the department's dob in service on the website.
"Penalties can range from $3060 to $76, 500 per illegal worker.

Noodle Bento will still trade as normal at Victor Central and the owners refused to comment and stress the doors are still open for business.

By Michael Simmons

Sourced from Victor Harbor - The Times


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