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What`s new in electronic health processing?



Most people applying for immigration visas will be required to meet Australia's health standards. You may need to organise a health examination in order to prove this. 

In 2012, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) launched an electronic health processing system called eMedical.  This system electronically records DIAC visa applicants' health examination results.  It makes medical exam systems for immigrants much more secure, keeping applicants' personal information private and makes the process a whole lot quicker. The possibility for error has been reduced in the new system.

About 120, 000 visa applicants in Australia have already experienced the processing powers of the new and improved eMedical system. As of July 1, an even greater number of people have been able to benefit from the "improved client service, enhanced integrity and significant financial savings" that eMedical provides.  That's because July 1 marked the system's 100-country milestone. Now visa applicants all over the world can look forward to efficient and more cost-effective visa processing.

The eMedical is just the tip of the iceberg. The DIAC plans to have 100 per cent of processing for Australian health examinations done electronically in the near future. It announced that Medibank Health Solutions clinics and their regional partners will be implementing the new system this month.

A new service called My Health Declarations has also been launched by the DIAC. This allows people to complete health examinations electronically before applying for a visa.

Because the overall health assessment process can take weeks, in some cases it may be a good idea to complete your health examination before you lodge a visa application.

However, My Health Declarations is not suitable for all visa applicants. Be sure to enlist the services of migration agents in Australia before taking this step so you know it's the right one!

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